Parking Management Software.

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    Parking Management Software.

      Top 10 Parking Management CIO Applications Magazine.

      Smart Signs.

      MessageByPlate™ QR code based smart signs display your parking information as published in real-time to drivers mobile devices.

      Venue Parking Management

      Smart Sign

      Displays parking information directly to drivers mobiles devices.


      Update parking rules and information as frequently as is required.

      Driver Contact

      Text-message guest vehicles owners and parking violators directly by license plate.

      “Our parking conditions change frequently. From capacity based traffic redirects to parking facility construction notices. Our MBP smart parking signs have flawlessly delivered accurate parking information to travelers in real-time.”Cynthia F. | Airport Operations

      Drivers Direct.

      Text-message guest vehicle owners directly by license plate.

      Parking Management Software

      By Plate

      Text-message any vehicle owner by license plate.


      Neutral service numbers used for driver safety & privacy.


      Deters parking lot abuse.

      “1,870,000 sq ft of prime retail. Direct communications access to every parked vehicle owner. We have reduced our towing requirements by over 75% within our first 6 months of service.” Bob M. | VP of Parking Operations

      Optional Features.

      Additional parking management features at extra no-charge.

      “750,000 Guests. 178,000 Vehicles…over 2 weekends. MessageByPlate™ afforded us with instant contact with every single driver. “Josh F. | Director of Operations

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